Employees are the key to your success with customers

'Training is an investment in the future of your business'

We are currently a team of 23 highly motivated individuals

100% have completed Manual Handling Certification

100% of our drivers are Certified of Professional Competence  (CPC)

100% of our De-Pollution staff received a Licence for Life qualification through City & Guilds

100% of our Heavy Machinery drivers are certified to use these machines

100% are Spill Kit trained

60% are competent and certified Forklift Drivers

50% of these are trained Fire Marshals  

40% are trained First Aiders

40% are trained in Chemical Awareness 

30% of these are certified competent in using Abrasive Wheels

We have 17 Fire Fighting Points strategically located around the Facility and all staff members are trained as to their locations and how to use them

We have 5 First Aid points strategically located beside Fire Points - main point of contact is our Main Office   

** Our Assembly point is at our                                                    Main Gate Entrance **


Fingal County Council
St. Margarets,
Co. Dublin
K67 EW73
01-856 9434

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