Our Machinery

         "It's not about what the equipment does, its about what you can do through that equipment"            
           Over the years we found it's more cost effective to keep up to date with our plant machinery,                 so we deal with the best to have the best!
All of our plant is serviced regularly to ensure 'maximum performance and minimum down time'

201 renault d18

Chainlift Skip Truck

191 DAF 

Recovery Truck

The Container Tilter

The Twins 

SENNEBOGEN 830E Mobile Material Handlers

2   x   38.5 ton machines with a range of 17 meters & 168kW of Diesel Power

Used for loading and unloading trucks, feeding the BALER and serving vehicles to the KOBELCO for dismantling

The Dismantler

KOBELCO SK210D Car Dismantler

27.4 Ton with 119kW Environmentally Friendly Diesel Engine

Precision dismantling increases the value of end-of-life vehicle resources

This machine can clamp a car down under it's front claws and rip out Engine, Catalytic Converter, Suspension, Transmission, Wheels, Wiring Looms, Radiator, Bumper & Chassis in under 5 minutes
It has the potential to get through up to 60 ELV's per day, that's 4 times the the vehicle dismantling capability compared to hand dismantling

The Baler

The LEFORT Conkeror 900 shear on TRAX

100 Ton machine with a cutting force of 900 T

This machine is hungry for metal and it's size doesn't get in the way of moving around site to shear both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

The DePollution Equipment

2   x   All in one Depollution System

The system includes 5 powerful 1” double diaphragm pumps for Petrol, Diesel, Oil, Coolant/Screenwash and Brakefluid along with pick up tooling all easily to hand.
Complete with fast and powerful fuel suction via our fuel extraction tank drill and 3.5 Ton working Load vehicle stand this system is a must have


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