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our New chain lift from from RenAult Trucks

Arrived January 2020 

our new daf recovery truck

Arrived December 2019 

Six metre double-stacked Eddy Current Separator Module supplied to St. Margarets Recycling for complete metal recovery

Passage from hub-4.com 13/08/19 Recycling & Industry News 
Eriez Europe has provided a one-stop custom solution to St. Margarets
Metal Recycling and Transfer Centre Ltd. to resolve a metal recovery problem within their scrapping process. Eriez designed and manufactured a dual-pass Eddy Current Separator (ECS) module that will allow for optimum separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. St. Margarets is a large recycling centre with a metals division, specialising in the buying and selling of scrap metals, including high carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, lead and zinc. They approached Eriez with the requirement to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals from automotive shredder residue (ASR) to increase the purity of their end product and command the highest possible resale value. Given Eriez’ vast knowledge of metal separation and decades of experience in the recycling industry, a custom solution was recommended. The ECS supplied is one of the largest Eriez have ever supplied at six metres high with a vibratory feeder, magnetic drum separator and two 1.5 metres wide ECS. The vibratory feeder ensures an even, the mono-layer spread of material to maximise efficiency and improve separation before it is fed into the permanent magnetic drum separator. Here the larger pieces of ferrous metals are recovered before the material passes through the conveyors on the ECS separating the valuable non-ferrous metals from the ASR. A dual-pass process where the material passes through a second ECS optimises metal recovery, providing a clean, high-quality end-product. The unit has been dispatched to Dublin and is awaiting installation in St. Margarets Recycling Centre.  Bryan McDonnell of St. Margarets commented, “The Eddy Current Separator supplied by Eriez Europe will ensure a vast improvement to our recycling process, improving the product purity and resale value of the metals recovered.” Eriez has a proven track record of providing valuable metal separation solutions to the recycling industry. For further information, contact Eriez on +44(029 2086 8501 or email info-europe@eriez.com.

        The Arrival of our New Kobelco sk210D car dismantler      from cms machinery

Arrived 21/03/18  

We accepted delivery of this fabulous machine today

                          The Arrival of TWO depollution systems                                dispatched to installed in 10 days by greencar depollution

A New Generation of Vehicle Depollution equipment

Installed  08/02/18  


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